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The mission of BTAN is to produce and support a nationwide network of highly trained Black treatment advocates who will:

  • serve as educators and opinion leaders in their communities;

  • provide a pipeline of trained Black Americans for community advisory boards;

  • facilitate expanded Black participation in clinical trials; 

  • increase early utilization of appropriate treatment; and

  • improve treatment adherence in Black communities.

The goal of BTAN is to cultivate and support a national network of Black Treatment Advocates/Educators equipped with knowledge and skills to:

  • help link and retain people living with HIV/AIDS into appropriate care and treatment;

  • increase demand for treatment;

  • integrate biomedical and behavioral interventions;

  • increase involvement of Black people in HIV treatment and prevention research; and

  • improve access to, and quality of, care in their home communities and nationally.


The Richmond Chapter of BTAN meets monthly at 2608 East Marshall Street, Richmond, Virginia 23223.

Contact us for more information.


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